Operations: Building Management

American Real Estate Partners, LLC
One South Street
Suite 820
Baltimore, MD 21202-3201

Telephone: 410-347-4000
24/7 Lobby Security: 410-347-4033
Concierge: 410-347-4023
Facsimile: 410-347-4009

Operations: Holidays

ONE SOUTH STREET will be closed following holidays:

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Typical building services (HVAC services, janitorial services, engineering services, concierge) are not provided on
these holidays except upon advance written request. Holiday services will be charged to the tenant
according to the lease agreement.

Operations: Leasing

The leasing company for One South Street is American Real Estate Partners, located at 2350 Corporate
Park Drive, Suite 110, Herndon, Virginia 20171. The main phone number is 703-435-4800. Listed below is
the contact information for the authorized representatives.

Managing Executive Director
Michael C. Gribbon
703-435-4800 mgribbon@americanrepartners.com

Operations: Rent Payments

Rent payments are due on or before the first of each month. It is the Tenant's responsibility to forward the
rental payment to:

One South Street LLC
MSC #352
PO BOX 830270
Birmingham, AL 35283-0270

Checks should be made payable to One South Street  LLC., for rent and parking payments.