Security: After Hours Access

After the building is locked, tenants with access key cards may access the building via access key readers
located at the front (pull type) door. The card must be waved over the reader to release the door lock to

Security: Building Access

The One South Street Building provides you with a Monitored Access Control System that includes access
to the building and elevator access to designated floors. The electronic system is computer-operated and
monitored by Datawatch Systems, Inc. It records all activity such as individually assigned card numbers,
times and types of actions. It also provides for the prompt invalidation of lost or stolen cards.
Access control keys are initially issued to the tenant by the Property Management Office. The Property
Management Office will issue one key for each individual who works for the firm at lease commencement.
Additional keys may be ordered from Datawatch Systems at the Tenant's expense.

Tenant should notify Datawatch Systems and Property Management immediately when an employee's
building access key card is lost or stolen, or when an employee is terminated. This is necessary to
invalidate the access key card. Tenant will also pay cost for all replacement keys, newly issued and
unreturned keys at the end of its lease term.

Business Hours: Tenant employees will have access to their respective floors based on information provided
by each Tenant. Guests and contractors must provide identification and be authorized prior to admittance.
To operate the elevator system at all times, tenants must again wave their access card over the reader
located inside the elevator and press their desired floor. Each tenant's key is specially programmed to allow
the holder access to only those floors to which the tenant is authorized.

Keyholders with non-working access key cards or without access key cards will have to be escorted to their
floor by another employee. The Security Officers are not authorized to grant access to employees not in
possession of their access cards or with a non-working access card. The Security Officer has been given
instruction not to badge tenants to their floor(s).

Guests and contractors must provide identification and be authorized prior to admittance. Tenants are to enter their guest list into our visitor entry system no less than 2 hours prior to the guests' arrival. If the guest list has not been properly submit, the Security Officer will attempt to contact the tenant by phone for a verbal authorization.
All contractor activity must be authorized by Property Management in advance by using the Work Permit. Once authorized, this form will be given to the Security team. The Security Team is not authorized to
allow contractors access to tenant spaces.

After the building is locked, the Security Officer on-duty will greet the guest/visitor/contractor at the door and
accompany the guest/visitor/contractor to the main lobby console. The Security Officer will call the specified
tenant and advise the tenant of the guest/visitor. The guest/visitor must be escorted by the tenant. In
addition, the guest/visitor must sign in to the visitor watch system at the lobby console. If the Security Officer is not able to make contact with the tenant, the guest/visitor will not be granted access to the tenant’s floor.

Security: Deliveries

All equipment and supplies must be delivered through the building loading dock area. The freight elevator is
to be used for all deliveries. The freight elevator has dimensions of 8’3" deep, 5'3" wide and a height of
10’9" with a maximum door opening of 4' wide and 8'6" feet high. The loading dock has dimensions of door
has a 14' clearance. To schedule the use of the freight elevator after hours, please complete the Freight
Elevator Reservation form and fax it to 410-347-4009 and contact Property Management at 410-347-4000.
The removal of boxes and packing crates is the Tenant's responsibility. The cleaning contractor will not
remove packing boxes with the office trash unless the boxes are broken down and stacked. A special trash
pickup can be arranged through the Property Management Office at Tenant's expense.

If you are expecting deliveries after normal business hours that require building personnel to be in
attendance, a fee will be charged.

UPS, Federal Express and DHL boxes are available for tenant use near the building mailboxes.

The Security Team will not sign for, nor hold packages that are left by UPS, Federal Express, USPS or DHL for any tenant.

Security: General Office Security

24-hours per day, the One South Street Building has security officers in the lobby and roving security
throughout the building. The management of the One South Street Building is cooperating with the local
police department in an effort to reduce office crime by recognizing that certain precautions can prevent
crime before it occurs.

Many office thefts and crimes against persons occur during regular business hours. Such crimes are
sometimes perpetrated by persons under the pretext of legitimate business, such as workmen, office
equipment repairmen, or visitors.

Investigation indicates a large number of office thefts, burglaries, and crimes against persons would not
have been committed if the office personnel had been alert to strangers in the building or had taken a few
simple precautionary steps. These types of offenses cannot be reduced without the cooperation and
assistance of the employees, building managers, and security personnel.

The following security tips can improve the integrity of your individual space as well as the common areas of
the building:

1. Inform your employees that security, to a great extent, depends on the cooperation and interest
of each individual.
2. Never leave purses, wallets, or other valuable items on or under desks. Keep these items out
of sight. They should never be left unattended, even in areas where visitors seldom go. If you
carry credit cards, keep a list of the account numbers and addresses in another location. Do
not store purses in the main reception desk.
3. Control the issuance of the security card keys.
4. Immediately report all suspicious persons, peddlers, persons purporting to be canvassing, etc.,
to management personnel. Do not attempt to apprehend or detain these persons.
5. Always lock your door when working late or early.
6. Always secure your automobile by locking all windows and doors. Do not leave anything of
value on the seats, in the glove compartment or hanging within view. Park near a light if you
must work after normal working hours. If any emergency should arise within the parking
facility, panic buttons have been installed for your protection. These devices are located
throughout the garage and are marked by lit "Emergency" signs. For additional information,
please contact the Property Manager at (410) 347-4000.

With a joint effort we can reduce the number of office thefts, burglaries, and crimes against persons
occurring in this area and provide a greater sense of security for all.

We solicit your assistance and cooperation in this endeavor.

Security: Lost and Found

Please contact the Management Office at 410-347-4000 to claim items that have been lost or found in the

Security: Solicitation

To ensure the quiet enjoyment of your premises, The One South Street Building Management does not
allow random solicitation in the building.

If uninvited solicitors should enter your premises, you are requested to call Security at 410-347-4033 and
report the solicitor.