Services: Cleaning

The One South Street Building is cleaned between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm Monday through Friday,
excluding holidays. Holiday or weekend cleaning may be requested in writing forty eight (48) hours in
advance to the Property Management Office.

A detailed list of cleaning services provided is included in your individual tenant lease. Please refer to the
appropriate section for specific cleaning specifications.

During the nightly cleaning, janitors will remove normal office refuse and rubbish from the premises.
Extraordinary or larger than normal quantities of refuse and rubbish will be removed at tenant's cost.
All trash must be in wastepaper baskets or clearly marked in writing as trash.

Boxes should not be left in the public corridors or stairwells.

Cleaning personnel are provided with keys for each tenant's suite. Thus, it is recommended that Tenants
lock their offices at the close of the business day, even if employees are working late.

All lights should be turned off by the Tenant upon leaving the premises.

After cleaning a tenant space, the cleaning crew will turn off the lights and make sure the suite doors are

NOTE: Cleaners will not move papers or other materials from surfaces to be cleaned, dusted or
vacuumed. Trash not in wastebaskets should be clearly marked "trash." Cleaning of private kitchens and
baths is the responsibility of the tenant. Tenants may contract individually with the building’s cleaning
company for special services.

Window Washing
Windows will be washed on a scheduled basis as determined by the Property Management Office.

Special Services
Special services can be arranged at tenant’s cost through the Property Management Office.

Services: Elevators
The building’s passenger elevators to the tenant floors and freight elevators are monitored by Datawatch
Systems. Most tenant floors are secured at all times. Some multi-tenanted floors are secured at all times.
Building employees must use their access cards to access their floors. The card must be waved over the
reader located inside the elevator and press the desired floor button. Access will only be granted to the
floors specifically programmed for that tenant or employee.

Services: Energy Management System
One South Street is equipped with a computer controlled Energy Management System. Every dollar saved
as a result of conscientious energy management is a savings which is realized by you, the building Tenant.
The Energy Management System serving office and common areas allows building equipment operation
during standard operating hours which are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and Saturday 8:00
am to 1:00 pm. During non-standard hours, some reduction of lighting, heating/air conditioning and
ventilation (HVAC) services will be noticeable; all building core and/or perimeter units are shut down
automatically. Equipment will be started up again on the next regular business day.

There is a minimum hourly charge for overtime use of building HVAC. This minimum hourly charge shall, at
Landlord's discretion, be subject to the same rate increases as those passed on by the buildings’ electricity

Kindly request additional services by noon of the previous business day in order that the computer
equipment can be programmed accordingly. We will, at the time of programming, confirm your requirements
and state a definite hourly charge. Requests made after hours or on weekends will be subject to an engineering fee of $55.

Our Energy Management System will help control our utility costs. Your cooperation in joining with us to
conserve energy is appreciated.

During periods of direct sunlight, close shades.
Turn off lights when not in use (lunch time, empty office, conference rooms, etc.).
Keep decorative lighting off whenever possible.
Remind employees to turn off lights, typewriters, calculators, CRTs, word processors, dictation
equipment, copiers, coffee makers, etc., when not in use or before leaving for the day.

Services: HVAC
Heating and air conditioning are provided, in season, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and
on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Heating and air conditioning are not regularly provided on
Saturdays (after 1:00 pm), Sundays or holidays. If Tenants have comfort problems, they are to submit the request online through Building Engines.  The proper engineer will be dispatched to address the issue.
To arrange for heating or air conditioning after normal hours of operation, please contact the Property
Management Office by noon (12:00 pm) of the previous business day to make arrangements for additional
HVAC services. This additional service will be provided for a charge.  Any requests made after business hours or on weekends will be subject to a $55 engineering fee.

Services: Mail Service
The United States Postal Service delivers to the building between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through
Friday. Mailboxes are located in the service corridor on the main lobby level. A mailbox will be assigned
upon move-in. Drop boxes for UPS, Federal Express and USPS are also located in the service

Services: Maintenance Services
1. The following services are considered standard building services:
  • Replacement of building standard light bulbs (overhead fluorescent - 4 foot and U-tubes only)
  • Tenant will purchase, stock and maintain its own supply of non-standard bulbs or arrangements can be made for building maintenance to order these for you at cost plus a 20% administrative fee.
  • Building Maintenance will change these bulbs at no cost.
  • Elevator repairs
  • Cleaning service
  • Building HVAC repairs
  • Repairs to building equipment
  • Electronic directory board listing
2. The following services are examples of some services that can be provided at cost plus a 20%
administrative fee:
  • Repairs to or installation of additional door closures
  • Repairs to or installation of additional electrical outlets
  • Installation of additional light fixtures
  • Duplicate keys
  • Overtime air conditioning
Services: Telephone Service
Telephone services are the responsibility of the Tenant. The Property Management Office will, upon
request, grant access to the telephone rooms for all telephone service providers after a work permit has been submit, notifying management of their visit.